Arenal 1 Day Combination Tour

The best of Arenal all in one day! 


Exploring the best of Arenal is possible in one day with our 1 day combo tour. This option allows you to visit the most popular attractions of La Fortuna on a all-day tour from early morning to evening, filled with nature, hikes, history and relaxation. 


The first visit is to the “Arenal Hanging Bridges” where you will explore the forest along trails and bridges that allow you to see plants and animals from a different perspective. 


The second visit is to “La Fortuna Waterfall”, it's height of 60 meters (197 feet) makes it a very popular attraction. Here you can swim in its cold water or just enjoy the scenery. This hike has a challenging aspect to it, as you climb up and down over 500 steps!


After the first two activities, a delicious lunch will be included in the tour. 


Around 3:00 pm, we will visit the Arenal Volcano National Park to hike on the trail called “Lava slides” to the actual lava rocks spewed years ago. With clear skies, you can enjoy the scenery of the Arenal Volcano and the Lake, the secondary forest, and the areas devastated by previous eruptions. To end the tour after all the physical activity, you  will have the option to visit a nice relaxing hot spring of your choice where you will also have dinner. If your hot springs are already included somewhere in your trip you will have the option to not go to hot springs on this tour. 


We will drop you off at the springs at 6:30 pm to enjoy them on your own, and then we will pick you back up and take you to your hotel at 9:30 pm so you can sleep like a baby after your full day adventure. 


Price Includes:

Transportation, bilingual naturalist guide, fruits, lunch, entrance to the attractions, water and dinner if selected.

Combine your tour:

a. Hanging Bridges + Waterfall + Lunch + Volcano + Tabacón 

b. Hanging Bridges + Waterfall + Lunch + Volcano + Baldí

c. Hanging Bridges + Waterfall + Lunch + Volcano + Ecotermales     

d. Hanging Bridges + Waterfall + Lunch + Volcano + The Springs Resort


It is recommend to bring hiking shoes or sneakers. Comfortable clothing, raincoat, Insect repellent, bathing suit and towel (in the case of those going to the hot springs). This is an all day tour with a lot of physical activity, but very much worth it if you are on a tight schedule. 

From - $175

Departure time:

7:30 am

Return time:

6:00 pm

9:30 pm (with hot springs)

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