Gravity Falls- Waterfall Canyon

Like cliff jumping, but off of waterfalls! 


Described as "The most extreme tour in Costa rica" come find out for yourself! 


Ready to try the newest most extreme adventure tour in Arenal? This intense canyoning adventure involves waterfall jumps, waterfall rappels, river tracing, down climbing and river canyon swims.


It starts off with an intense 140-ft waterfall rappel and then, you continue jumping off of the sides of waterfalls and cliffs into deep crystalline pools along a majestic rainforest canyon. Some of the waterfalls you jump from are more than 10 meters high! Ready to take on the adventure?


Price Includes:

Transportation, safety equipment, guides, fruits, drinks and lunch.


You will want to purchase the photos after, you can also bring your own GoPro. This tour is physically challenging. Make sure to bring water shoes and extra dry clothes! 

From - $125

Departure time:

6:30 am


5 hours