The fastest route between Arenal and Monteverde!


Save time on your trip between Arenal and Monteverde by using the jeep-boat-jeep. Start your journey by jeep (usually vans or buses, don´t let the name fool you!) which will take you to your boat on Arenal Lake.  Hop on a covered and motorized boat to take a calm journey across the lake, and on the other side you will get back in a jeep that will take you to your accommodations in Monteverde. This is the shortest, most direct route between the 2 areas! 


Price Includes:

All transport, both land and boat. 



Save time with this option, cutting your travel time almost in half! 

From - $29

Departure time:

Arenal to Monteverde: 8:20am, 2:20pm

Monteverde to Arenal: 8:00am, 2:00pm

Returning time:

The trip takes about 3 hours each way.