Down to Earth Coffee Tour

Coffee lovers, this one’s for you!

If you aren't already a coffee snob, you will converted after this tour!

Experience the world famous 100% Arabica coffee of Costa Rica.

Come enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, handmade lattes and delicious espresso drinks in Down to Earth Coffee’s quaint cafe located a short distance from the main part of La Fortuna or join them for an in depth tour of the coffee farm!

Tour the coffee farm, seeing young and mature coffee plants of different varieties, learning about the different stages and parts of the coffee bean. This informative tour will bring to light the many steps it takes to achieve the perfect cup of coffee! The process from seed to cup is quite a lengthy and delicate process, making sure the beans are roasted to perfection to avoid bitterness takes special skill and care. The beans from Down to Earth are roasted with love and attention, and it shows in every cup of coffee brewed!

The main plantation for Down to Earth Coffee’s farm is located in the mountains of Costa Rica, in the Dota Tarrazu Valley, near the pacific coast. The best coffee is grown at an altitude between 4,700 ft and 6,000 ft, making the coffee from this area some of the best in the world.

The award winning coffee grown and roasted at Down to Earth Coffee has notes of chocolate and nutty flavours. You will be thinking about the beautiful aroma of the freshly roasted and ground coffee beans long after you go home, so be sure to grab a bag to take with you! If you would like to purchase Down to Earth Coffee to have shipped back home, follow this link!


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