November 16, 2018

November 13, 2018

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February 1, 2019

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Two Volcanoes Tour - La Fortuna

December 15, 2018

I’m not one to advocate for tours, but traveling in Costa Rica is a different story. There are so many natural wonders to experience so it isn’t as easy as showing up to a city and hoping on the subway system. Tours are well worth the money and time when traveling in Costa Rica.


There are 6 active volcanoes in Costa Rica. To visit without experiencing these natural wonders would be a shame. When I arrived to La Fortuna, I knew I wanted to hike Arenal Volcano and I found the best way to do that was by going on the full day Two Volcanos Tour. 


The Two Volcanos Tour takes you on a hike to the base of Arenal, a waterfall, Cerro Chato, a view point, hanging bridges, and hot springs!


Here’s the low down.


The Morning


A tour bus picked me up directly from my hostel at 9 am. The other travelers in my hostel and I excitedly entered the bus to be greeted by our friendly guide, Augusto, and a handful of other adventurers. On our way to the hike we stopped at a convenience store to use the bathroom, fill water bottles or get any thing we needed before we started our day. Shortly after our pit stop we arrived at the jungle! The tour bus of people split into two perfectly sized groups and we started our adventure!


And we are off!


A good tour is when you come back having learned something. As we began to walk to the start of the trail, Augusto informs us of the ecosystem. From the life of the ants walking near our feet to the details of the trees above our head, Augusto knew everything there was to know about the land. Before we had even reached the true start of our hike I was already amazed by the nature around me, not just because of the lush, thick forest and the view of Arenal, but because I learned about the interactions of the ecosystem! After a short walk on an incline along a gravel road we reach a lodge where we were told we will eat lunch later and then we embark on our quest up to the base of Arenal Volcano.


The Hike


We start along a narrow, shaded path along a green lagoon. Even though the path is covered by trees, it doesn’t take away from the hot, humid Costa Rican heat; get ready to sweat! The lush soil from the volcano creates a beautiful hiking trail that makes the uphill incline well worth it. The group stops along the way for water breaks and for some nature facts from Agosto.


*Note: The trail isn’t paved so make sure you have shoes that can handle uneven surfaces! There are tree roots, trunks, and rocks along the way so make sure you are paying attention to where you step.


After a rewarding hike through the trees I finally saw an open space. I turned to my new friends and said, “I think we’ve made it!” We didn’t. Hot and tired, the group took another break. Agosto explained we are only ten minutes away. Having lived in Colorado the last four years, I know when someone says we are close while hiking, odds are we aren’t. Not as hopeful, I took a deep breath and followed the group up the trail. 10 minutes go by uphill and lone-behold, we arrived! Lava rocks of all shapes cover the base of the volcano. Watch your step and find the perfect rock to sit on to enjoy the view...and some water!


The bright blue sky contrasting with the green lush jungle all complimented by one of the most active volcanoes in the world is truly breathtaking. We sat on lava rocks while Agosto explained the history of the volcano. The view was worth every uphill step we took to get there. After soaking up the energy of Arenal we made our way back down.


We hiked down a different trail than we used to reach the top. This trail was a wide gravel path that took us back to the start of the hike.


Post Hike Celebration!


We celebrated a long, hot hike by “tarzan” swinging into the lagoon! People climbed up trees and jumped into the refreshing water! After enjoying a different view of Arenal we headed to lunch.


*Note: If you don't want to swim, no worries! You can enjoy the views and the lagoon from outside of the water!