5 Reasons Why La Fortuna Needs to be on Your Costa Rican Itinerary

Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Overwhelmed by the many incredible destinations on offer in the country? There's one destination that has it all - La Fortuna. Located northwest of the capital San Jose, La Fortuna is a small town that is the gateway to Arenal Volcano National Park and home to endless exciting adventures. With so much to do and see there's way more than 5 reasons why over 80% of tourists to Costa Rica choose to visit La Fortuna.

1 - To Explore the Arenal Volcano National Park

A top reason why you should visit La Fortuna is that it is the perfect stepping-off point to explore the Arenal Volcano National Park. Situated within the 200,000ha Arenal Conservation area, the Arenal Volcano National Park is home to the imposing Arenal Volcano and teeming with rainforest lush in geologic and biologic diversity.

The Arenal Volcano is still currently active, but its activity has been limited to small puffs of smoke in the last 10 years. Go on your own or take a guided hike around the lush rainforest surrounding the Arenal Volcano. The National Park is home to some great hiking trails - the Coladas de Lava (lava flow) trail takes you up to impressive lava fields with a spectacular view of the volcano and Lake Arenal. For one of the best viewpoints of the volcano outside of the national park, visit the Arenal Observatory observation deck.

2 - You Can Experience Costa Rica's Incredible Biodiversity Up Close and Personal

The La Fortuna and Arenal area is a great place to experience Costa Rica's incredible biodiversity up close and personal. Be on the look out for toucans, parrots or oropendolas while hiking in the National Park or join a guided night walk to experience the rainforest come alive under darkness. Visit the Mistico Hanging Bridges Park to spot wildlife like bats, snakes and birds whilst suspended on hanging bridges up high in the canopy.

Many travelers come to Costa Rica wanting to see sloths - you can do this in La Fortuna too! Surprisingly, you don't need to venture deep into the rainforest to see these incredible animals. The Sloth Trail is located an easy 15 minute walk from the center of La Fortuna town - there's a good chance you'll spot sloths and other wildlife on the 20-acre property.

3 - It's the Perfect Place to Chill Out

For those needing a relaxing vacation, you've come to the right place. La Fortuna has something to offer everyone, including those that want to relax and chill.

Visit one of the many natural, tropical rainforest-fed hot springs in the area and soothe your muscles in the thermal hot pools. Treat yourself to a luxurious treatment at a spa and wellness centre or take a yoga class at the La Fortuna Yoga studio in town.

4 - La Fortuna is Heaven for Thrill Seekers

There are a ton of fun activities on offer around La Fortuna - perfect to please any thrill seeker! Paddle down class III & IV rapids in an exciting white water rafting experience, rappel down rushing waterfalls and jump into deep canyons, get off-road and explore the rainforest backcountry by ATV or ride down the Arenal River rapids in an inflatable tube.

5 - You Can Learn About Costa Rican Culture and History

There are many opportunities to learn about Costa Rica culture and history in La Fortuna. The Maleku Indian Village, located within the Mundo Aventura Ecological Tropical park, provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the beliefs, cultures and traditions of the indigenous people of Costa Rica.

Visit a coffee or chocolate plantation and take a tour to learn about (and taste!) two important elements of Costa Rican agriculture.


If these 5 reasons aren't enough and you still need convincing, contact Varco Travel. The Arenal and La Fortuna region is our hometown and we are experts in the area. We can help you develop your perfect Costa Rican vacation tailored to your preferences and budget.

E-mail us at info@varcotravel.com for more information or visit our website at www.varcotravel.com to book directly online.

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